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How to make a difference working in Cybersecurity

Individual actions with a sprinkle of collective team effort.

Stay educated. Keep as up to date as possible about the world of cybersecurity the people, motivations, direction, including emerging tech, data breaches and how others are working.  Avoid those that avoid education and choose not to study.

Promote positive cyber awareness. This can be as small as using and promoting strong passwords and their benefits through to recommending particular software and being proactive to help those you know will face challenges before they see it for themselves.

Be the volunteer.  We all have expertise, either volunteer your time internally within your own organisation or externally, help educate and train others in cybersecurity.

Help the people around you, friends, colleagues, family.  Helping others is good for others and makes a difference, it is also good for your own wellbeing.

Proactive incident reporting. If in doubt raise an incident if you suspect malicious activity, it shows to others it is ok to report without fear of getting things wrong.  It is better to raise an incident that is proven to be a false alarm than to ignore and the incident is found to be genuine.

Create or contribute to a project.  If you can develop software or like writing then contribute to an open project. Not only do you share your knowledge, you also get to learn new skills.

If you want to make a difference, it starts with you. 

This article is a guide, in summary, think of something and do it.  When you complete it, let me know!