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Application Security Essentials: Security Architecture Series for All Levels

Application Security is a profession in demand, specialist practitioners with skills in Application Security (AppSec) will increase significantly over the coming years. This book covers all of the essentials you need on the subject and does so in as concise manner as possible. This book is for cyber security professionals at all levels and stages in their career and was developed from years of experience working within the Cybersecurity industry.

Order Book Now (Kindle and Paperback): https://www.amazon.com/Application-Security-Essentials-Architecture-Levels/dp/B0CFCDTQD6/

Application Security Essentials, part of the Security Architecture series, you will learn about:

• What is Application Security
• What is Security Architecture
• Importance of Security Culture
• Secure Configuration
• Code Security
• API Security
• Identity Access Security
• Security Designs and Documentation